Hello! I’m Eugene, a mobile app developer in Minnesota. I’m a lover of all things Swift, and I also work with Java, Kotlin, and JavaScript.



Selected Projects

iOS Ref

In 2018, I started a reference website for iOS developers, with device resolution tables, iOS compatibility information, a hex code to UIColor converter, a Swift cheatsheet, and more, all in one clutter-free location.

Antisocial Alison

In late 2017, I published Antisocial Alison, a set of 36 high-quality iOS sticker packs designed by Adriana Belinski. I set up a marketing website, and I wrote about my lessons learned through getting a sticker pack on the App Store here.


A tool that allows you to instantly convert a hex code to a UIColor code snippet for iOS development right in your browser.


A PHP-based Japanese language learning website that provides highly customizable quizzes for memorizing Japanese letters. Developed from 2008 to 2011, it continues to receive hundreds of monthly visitors.