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Thanks to the 90,000 people who signed the United petition!

Following the shocking incident on United Airlines flight UA3411, where Doctor David Dao was forcibly and violently removed from his seat, I started a petition calling for the resignation of United CEO Oscar Munoz. So far, 90,000 people have signed the petition, demonstrating the degree of frustration and anger people have with Munoz.

Our petition has been mentioned on BBC News, CNBC, the Telegraph, and others. Munoz has responded to calls for his resignation, stating “No. I was hired to make United better and we’ve been doing that and that’s what I’ll continue to do.” He’s offered compromises including promising to not use police to remove passengers anymore.

Although his resignation seems to be unlikely at this point, I believe our petition has made a big difference in the company’s response to this incident. Thank you so much to everyone who signed and shared the petition with friends and family.