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iOS Ref — the quick reference site for iOS developers

This past week I built iOS Ref, a quick reference website for iOS and Swift developers! It has the following:

I created iOS Ref because I got tired of searching for the same information over and over again. Plus, in the iOS world, there are so many websites that are useful, but do just one thing. There’s a one-page website for explaining Swift closures. Another one-page website for iOS device resolutions. There’s even a website just for converting a hex code to a UIColor, made by some weird guy (cough me).

With so many websites with unique names, it’s hard to remember which one is which. So when I started iOS Ref, my goal was not to provide information that isn’t available anywhere else, it was to make the most important iOS information, tools, and links accessible as quickly and as friction-free as possible.

Since launching, iOS Ref has received a positive response from developers, even becoming the #5 most popular post of all time in the iOS programming subreddit on reddit.

I’m always looking for things to add, and clutter to remove from iOS Ref, so if you have any suggestions, send them my way! All of my contact info is on the main page.